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EM Bokashi Home CompostingEM Bokashi Home Composting

Em Bokashi Home Composting program is an effort by Kuching North City Hall (KNCH) to reduce waste and to encourage residents to compost their kitchen waste and turn it  into organic fertilisers. “EM Bokashi Home Composting” is simple to practice where the process of composting does not produce bad smell and can be put in the kitchen for easy disposal of organic waste.

The organic fertiliser can be used for backyard farming and is good for the soil and the plant. The liquid produced from the compost can be used to wash drains as well as fertiliser for the plants.

EM Bokashi Home Composting kit is given free to residents of Kuching North.  Interested residents can register at Environmental Health Division to get their kit and training.  Group registration is encouraged for easy monitoring by KNCH.