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Bukit Siol, Jalan Semariang Petra Jaya
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A milestone for DBKU
Posted on : 03 Nov 2023  Source of News: New Sarawak Tribune
Hilmy (eighth left) and others pose in front of the Pangkalan Sapi signage. Photo by Ramidi Subari

KUCHING : The completion of the Pangkalan Sapi project in Petra Jaya is a milestone in the efforts of Kuching North City Hall (DBKU) to beautify the city.

“We are proud of the completion of this project as it enhances the city’s look,” DBKU mayor, Hilmy Othman told reporters after he handed over the project for beautification work to managing director of Faltech Engineering Sdn Bhd, Faisol Mustapha Idris in Petra Jaya yesterday (Nov 2).

Hilmy revealed that the Pangkalan Sapi project in Petra Jaya, which was completed on Oct 16 this year, would be used as a location for the DBKU Car-Free Morning event.

“Pangkalan Sapi here will be the starting point for the residents living in Petra Jaya to be involved in the area by using the Darul Hana Bridge as a connecting route to Padang Merdeka,” he said.

Hilmy (third left) receives a mock key from Kevin Wong (fourth right) and Faisol (third right) to symbolise the completion of Pangkalan Sapi project at Petra Jaya. Photos: Ramidi Subari.

He said the council was currently looking for food stall operators and vendors to be allocated at Pangkalan Sapi.

He said the flagpole project at the site was scheduled to be completed by the end of this month.

“By the end of this year, we can have a grand countdown for the year 2023 here,” he added.

“On issues related to parking, a buggy system for all visitors to visit the Sarawak Botanical Garden and Sarawak Orchid Garden is still in its planning stage.

“More public facilities will be prepared and we will find more ways to provide more convenience to the public,” said Hilmy.

Also present at the event was manager of Faltech Engineering Sdn Bhd, Kevin Wong Ka Bing.

Photo by Ramidi Subari