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DBKU awards towards innovation and integrity
Posted on : 09 Dec 2022  Source of News: ThenewSarawakTribune

KUCHING: A total of 23 awards were given to staff and personnel of Kuching North City Hall (DBKU) in conjunction with Innovation and Integrity Day as well as Health and Safety Day (HIIS) 2022.

DBKU Mayor, Datuk Junaidi Reduan said that this award will enable to instill a culture of innovation and applying integrity in the working environment.

“Innovation and integrity are important elements to ensure proper service is upheld at its highest level.

“Therefore, I hope that a working culture that encourages integrity and innovation can be maintained and continued.

“I hope that together, we will be able to achieve our vision in delivering a service with a global standard to the community,” he said.

He was speaking to the staff and personnel of DBKU when officiating at the Innovation and Integrity as well as Health and Safety Day (HIIS) 2022 at Imperial Hotel Kuching yesterday.

Earlier, Junaidi said that these awards were given as an appreciation for DBKU staff and personnel their hard work.

Behaviors that are ethical as a civil servant must focus on enhancing principles which uphold integrity and increase the quality of DBKU service systems,” he added.

Junaidi presented the awards in the ceremony and witnessed by DBKU director Mohamed Khaidir Abang and a few others.

Among the 23 awards given were, ‘Anugerah Inovasi’, ‘Anugerah Penambahbaikan’, ‘Best Anugerah Cadangan Q’, ‘Anugerah Cadangan Q’, ‘Anugerah Penambahbaikan Terbanyak’, ‘Anugerah EKSA’ and ‘Anugerah Konvensyen Kumpulan Inovatif dan Kreatif’.

Followed by, ‘Anugerah Corrective and Preventive Action’,’ Anugerah Integrity’ and ‘Anugerah Best Dressed Uniform Personnel’ and also Winners for the EKSA Spring Cleaning were also presented.