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Application For RebateApplication For Rebate

Property owners can apply for rebate for properties that is vacant for not less than 3 months. 

How is Rebate Claim Calculated?

 1/24 x Annual Rates x Number of Months the property is vacant (not less than 3 months).

Conditions to grant rebate according to Regulation 5 & 6  of the Local Authority Ordinance (Rating Regulation 1997).

Regulation 5 – (3) : Rebate can be considered if the following conditions are fulfilled:-

a) Property is in good condition and safe to live in;

b) All efforts have been done to get a tenant;

c) The property rental is reasonable;

d) The property was vacant during the claim for rebate was made; and

e) The property is not under renovation and not occupied for a period of 3 months consecutively.

Regulation  5 - (3)(b); All efforts to get a tenant:-

1) To place a display board “FOR RENT” to the public at any part of the property that is visible; OR

2) Advertise rental in the newspaper by stating the Lot number( a copy of the newspaper cutting as a proof)

3) Through property agent (A copy of confirmation from the appointed agent)); OR

4) Other means to find a tenant (To attach the relevant required documents)

Property owners are required to pay their assessment rates before any rebate can be considered for the following year bills.

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