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Bukit Siol, Jalan Semariang Petra Jaya

93050 Kuching Sarawak

Replanting trees based on suitability
Posted on : 09 Jan 2020  Source of News: New Sarawak Tribune

KUCHING: Kuching North City Commision (DBKU) is looking to replace unsuitable trees planted along the main roads in hopes of providing a safer driving experience for its citizens.

Its mayor Datuk Junaidi Reduan revealed that DBKU officials had been instructed to provide a proper report on the matter and to come up with development programmes to replace trees that may cause harm to drivers at all roads under DBKU’s jurisdiction.

“We (DBKU) will not wait until the trees or tree branches fall, which can cause accidents to start taking actions.

“We will check on the trees along all the roads here to determine their suitability. Otherwise,
we will replant the trees deemed unsuitable at that spot,” he said during an interview yesterday.

Junaidi also explained that DBKU has provided sufficient allocations for this and is now looking into a suitable machinery to properly remove the trees and relocate them elsewhere. He clarified that none of the trees would be cut during the whole process of replacing unsafe trees.

Meanwhile, DBKU is also identifying local private sectors to assist in landscaping purposes within its areas.

“I hope with this effort, we are able to extend the beautification of our landscapes to a wider area and improve the safety of road users as well as road visibility,” he said.