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DBKU's Kuching Car Free Morning now twice a month
Posted on : 12 Jan 2023  Source of News: ThenewSarawakTribune

KUCHING: Since January 2022, Kuching City North Hall (DBKU) alongside various government and private agencies, and communities, had collaborated to organise the Kuching Car Free Morning.

The programme is held every Sunday, during the first week of each month, and beginning 2023, the programme will be held twice a month, which is Sunday in the first and third week of the month.

“The main objective of the programme is to decrease the release of carbon dioxide apart from giving spaces for social interaction to citizens to recreation and taking care of the environment,” DBKU said.

It added that the programme received great response from residents and DBKU thanked them for the support.

“That being said, DBKU would like to invite the public to join the Kuching Car Free Morning this coming Sunday at Padang Merdeka.

“Tonnes of activities will be held such as Fun Ride, Fun Walk, Sukan Rakyat, Hari Bersama Pelanggan DBKU and many more.”