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Bukit Siol, Jalan Semariang Petra Jaya

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Three designated smoking areas at Kuching Waterfront
Posted on : 01 Jan 2019  Source of News: The Borneo Post

DBKU director Dr Morshidi Ahmad (left) and Abang Abdul Wahap point towards the sign at one of the designated smoking areas at Kuching Waterfront.

KUCHING: Three designated smoking areas have been set up at the Kuching Waterfront area as part of the effort by Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) to nurture a Tobacco Free Generation (TFG) among the residents of Kuching.

The three locations are near the parking areas of Terapung Mosque, Waterfront Management Office and Hornbill Fountain.

At the official launching ceremony of the designated smoking areas, Datuk Bandar of DBKU Datuk Abang Abdul Wahap Abang Julai advised smokers in the area to smoke responsibly while safeguarding the health of the people around them.

Since 2017, DBKU has carried out a campaign where all the food operators and eateries under its jurisdiction are encouraged to set up a smoke-free zone in their premises for the welfare of the general public.

With a total of 366 licensed food operators under the DBKU jurisdiction, Abang Abdul Wahap said food operators were not forced to set up a smoke-free zone in the their premises despite being given the liberty to choose the location of the smoke-free zone in their premises.

Noting that only a small pocket of food operators and eateries has yet to comply with the city council’s initiative, he strongly urged them to set up such smoke-free zones in their premises to mitigate the harmful risk of second-hand smoke.

“DBKU is not against smokers. It is just that the city council is trying to create a more conducive and better living environment for the people of Kuching,” Abang Abdul Wahap stressed at the launching ceremony at Godown Amphitheatre here yesterday.